Sustainable Transportation Companies Use the Neighborhood News Feed to Help People Experience Their City

Soofa's core values are: smart, social and sustainable. Today we focus on the most sustainable partners on our platform.


Living in a big city is full of benefits – from never running out of things to do, restaurants to try, people to meet, and, of course, being able to get around without owning a car. 

At Soofa we build technology for the most active, diverse, and walkable neighborhoods in cities. The neighborhood news feed is installed across neighborhoods like Fenway and Seaport in Boston, Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, and in numerous other neighborhoods that so many people call home, frequent Monday-Friday for work, or just generally love to visit for something fun to do. 

Soofa reaches a social and active audience who is always in search of the next best event in their city

Before we install the neighborhood news feed in a new neighborhood, we work closely and collaboratively with community members, local businesses, and neighborhood experts to identify the best physical locations. 

The sites we ultimately select are valued by locals and visitors alike. The neighborhood news feed is installed along busy pedestrian thoroughfares for people going to and from work, at popular bus stops and outside of subway stations, on sidewalks full of great retailers, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes, and at the entrances of public plazas home to regular events. The locations intercept people on the go and people who have just arrived. 

In walkable neighborhoods where car ownership is low and residents are environmentally conscious, sustainable forms of transportation are in high demand.

When we consider who to invite to be a sponsor of and content partner for the neighborhood news feed, we love to work with micro mobility and sustainable transportation companies that make it even easier and more convenient to get around and experience all the great neighborhoods and events a city has to offer. We help our partners reach a local, engaged audience, boosting brand awareness and increasing their scooter, bike, or vehicle utilization. 


The neighborhood news feed serves as a new channel for Lime to reach an audience outside of its app ecosystem. Lime promotes safe scooter riding with fun, themed campaigns, like encouraging scooter ridership during Dragon Con, that reach Atlanta’s in-town neighborhoods and busy downtown core. By advertising with Soofa, Lime increases ridership, builds a lasting relationship with neighbors, and strengthens its partnership with city leadership by delivering creative and impactful safe rider messaging and displaying first/last mile sustainable transit options. 


Zipcar reaches an audience of city dwellers in the moment where they live and work. With Soofa, Zipcar is able to direct people to the nearest car share pick up point, building awareness and increasing ridership. Their content strategy focuses on getting environmentally conscious consumers excited about the places they can go with a sustainable, shared vehicle. 

As the Bluebikes network continues to grow throughout the Greater Boston Area, the Bluebikes team needs a way to inform pedestrians of the many stations coming soon. As Soofa and Bluebikes have significant overlap in neighborhoods reached, the Bluebikes team promotes new stations and inspires ridership with neighborhood specific content. The neighborhood news feed makes it easy for Bluebikes to repurpose their social media content for the real world, encouraging people to share selfies and tell their neighbors where they went on their first Blubikes ride. 

Getaround gives car owners in the city a new way to make use of their vehicles with their car sharing platform. By partnering with Soofa, Getaround is able to reach those in need of a sustainable option to visit a nearby attraction or in need of four wheels for a quick Ikea run. Soofa’s neighborhood news feeds in neighborhoods like Fenway, Allston, Kendall Square, and Lower Allston speak to both an established young professional audience and recent college graduates. 


Together with Soofa, sustainable transportation and micro mobility companies help city dwellers get even more from their city.

The neighborhood news feed tells people what’s going on around them in the moment, both in their neighborhood and their city. When Soofa partners with sustainable and innovative car sharing companies and micro mobility startups, our goal is to help people see and experience even more of their city.

Sandra Richter